Corporate and NGOs

The Action Planet corporate programme creates a strong network of specialists that can be brought together to explore viable solutions to Malta’s growth and sustainability. Through think tanks, talks and events, NGOs, businesses and government Ministries will collaborate by sharing skills, knowledge and ideas.

The message, actions and initiatives of Action Planet applies to every sector of every industry.

Our collaborators will be:

  • Invited to contribute to our speaker series
  • Invited to join think tanks
  • Invited to lead workshops for both students and adults subject to content
  • Included in our list of specialists

Focus Groups

The aim of the focus groups are to bring together researchers, organisations, businesses and government ministries to look realistically at Malta’s sustainability. Through discussion, sharing knowledge and skills and brainstorming sessions it is possible to find ways of creatively working together to explore innovative, positive solutions.

Join our network of specialists

If you an NGO or a business that would be interested in joining the Action Planet Initiative. Please contact us.

Projects in Development

More will be revealed soon!


If you would be interested in sponsoring the Action Planet Initiative, please contact us to send you a sponsorship package.

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