St James Cavalier – The Space

The imposing building known as Saint James Cavalier in Valletta was built after the great siege of 1565. Designed as one of 9 cavaliers around the city, its primary purpose was to protect the city. Only 2 Cavaliers were  actually built, the other being St John’s Cavalier, and neither saw conflict. Both were designed by the Italian military engineer Francesco Laparelli, however the construction was overseen by his Maltese assistant, military engineer and architect, Gerolamo Cassar.

Throughout the centuries the Cavalier took on different functions including a place to store much needed water for Valletta and a WWII shelter.

The building as it stands today, Malta’s national Centre for Creativity, now known as the Spazju Kreattiv was part of Malta’s Millennium Project. Its interior renovation was artfully performed by renowned architect Dr Richard England. Its interior as well as its identity was completely revised and reformed.

The Action Planet Exhibition will be housed in the beautiful Spot A, also known as the Atrium, as well as the adjoining Spot B. The school workshops will take place in Studio A and Studio B.

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